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Length: 46'
Documentary film
French version

The Hand and the Spirit

A film by Thomas Johnson

This documentary was created around the making of the art edition of the The Stone with no Sorrow, a major poetic work written by Henry Bauchau. Revealed at the same time by its author, who takes us into the core of his poetic creative process, and by the hand of the calligrapher who embodies and illustrates the word. Through their search of the true word and gesture, they both recount their willingness to find an internal coherence, a breath and a rhythm that leads to the unspeakable. A film that puts into light the Thoronet Abbey, a voyage from the "primal chaos" to "laughter". A film that helps to illuminate the poetic concepts between East and West, through the encounter between Albert Palma and Henry Bauchau, through the hand and the Spirit.

© Thomas Johnson / M Way Films



French version of the film only.
Not yet released.
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